Know-Center is one of the leading European research centers for data-driven business and AI. As K1 Competence Center it is funded under the COMET program. For 20 years it has conducted numerous projects and contract research at EU- and national levels and has developed AI solutions, which have been successfully implemented in various areas of business, science and society. The resulting in-depth understanding of data, algorithms and models achieved by taking into account possible sources of error is a unique selling point throughout Europe. In 2020, Know-Center was the only Austrian center to receive the BDVA`s iSpace Gold Award, which to date has only been awarded nine times in the entire EU.


The SGS Group is the world’s leading inspection, testing, verification and certification company. It is recognized as the global benchmark for quality and integrity. With more than 93,000 employees, SGS operates a network of more than 2,600 offices and laboratories worldwide. The SGS Group is based in Geneva, Switzerland.

TU Graz

Cybersecurity has been a research focus at TU Graz for many years. The University hosts one of the world’s leading research institutions in this field: the Institute for Applied Information Processing and Communication Technologies (IAIK). IAIK researchers work on cryptology and privacy technologies, system security and formal methods. They develop tools that make mobile devices more secure and ensure the security of electronic signatures and electronic devices. Teams at IAIK have been continuously involved in the discovery of processor vulnerabilities, often leading the way, e.g., during the well-known “Meltdown” and “Spectre” attacks. In the field of cryptography, they successfully participate in major worldwide competitions and encryption processes, setting new cryptography standards, e.g., with the CAESAR cipher, AES encryption and Post-Quantum Cryptography. The expertise is also reflected by the scientific work – to date, more than 1000 publications have been published by the institute.

Additionally, the Institute of Interactive Systems and Data Science is contributing with expertise regarding ‘Ethics by Design’, i.e. ethical considerations, values and maxims flow into the design of digital systems.

Universität Graz

BANDAS (Business Analytics and Data Science) Center focuses on data-based technologies that are applied to very large, heterogeneous and volatile data volumes (Big Data). The center’s focus is divided into two main areas: Business Analytics and Data Science.


Energie Steiermark

Energie Steiermark, the fourth largest energy and service company in Austria, relies on digitalization solutions in order to drive energy efficiency and innovative service offers in the areas of electricity, natural gas, heat and mobility.

Leftshift One

Leftshift One is an Austrian high-tech company in the field of artificial intelligence, which believes in global, user-friendly and sustainable future technology.


REDWAVE is your reliable partner for innovative and economical solutions in the recycling, waste, and mining industries. The development of the most advanced sorting technologies and systems for the efficient recovery of valuable materials is our passion, with which we not only help our customers to become pioneers in the recycling industry, but also make a positive, sustainable contribution to our mother earth.


TechMeetsLegal supports juridical experts and scientists in finding a common language in new topics of law, as well as supporting juridical experts in understanding highly technical projects. Innovative topics in the legal sense cover autonomous driving and regulations coming along, data market and trustworthy data within the data market as well as data protection and security in social media applications.